Monitoring of the strategy


Monitoring of the strategy is ensured through a uniform system of regular tracking of the progress in its implementation.

After the strategy was approved, the process of its monitoring was initiated. It comprises reporting on projects, initiatives, activities and specific quantitative metrics as detailed targets for individual segments and business areas. The approved detailed targets for each KPI are of key importance to attaining the objectives outlined in the strategy and ensure effective monitoring of the goals and our strategic initiatives.

The strategy monitoring is of particular importance because it ensures:

  • Clear communication of the Management Board’s expectations – facilitating implementation of the strategy at all levels of the organisation, in all segments and areas of the Group,
  • Involvement of all management staff in work towards achievement of the goals, in line with the strategy and the adopted corporate values.

The strategy monitoring methods and persons/units responsible for this task are listed in the table below.

Monitoring measures Forum
Review of the strategy
  • Review of strategic objectives and goals
Strategy and Investor Relations area/Management Board/Supervisory Board
  • Review of implementation of strategic goals (KPIs and projects)
  • Review of the Company’s activities and the macro environment
Sub-strategies/strategic projects and initiatives
  • Review of implementation of strategic projects
Corporate Strategy Committee
Day-to-day business
  • Reporting on the main KPIs of key importance to the strategy’s success
Key management staff in each area and segment


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