Value creation

Having integrated all links of its value chain, the ORLEN Group is able to effectively coordinate them, which helps it achieve a lasting competitive advantage, especially in changing market conditions.

In the ORLEN Group’s Strategy as updated in December 2018, Value Creation, People, and Financial Strength are the pillars of growth until 2022. A new addition is the Culture of Innovation, which supports the ORLEN Group in responding to future challenges.

Key development directions for the ORLEN Group in 2019–2022 include expanding and enhancing petrochemical production, entering the low-carbon energy sector in Downstream, consistently growing retail sales, and sustainably developing hydrocarbon E&P operations.

The ORLEN Group is taking efforts to build a multi-utility group with a strong international position. As a strong single entity, we will be able to better compete in global markets and strengthen our financial stability.

Key running projects to boost future business growth include the acquisition of Grupa LOTOS and the Energa Group, programme to expand petrochemical operations, preparations for offshore wind farm construction, and fast-tracking of the process to adapt the retail network to the distribution of alternative fuels.

However, given the rapidly changing market environment, we need to be prepared to revise and adjust our business ambitions. As the energy sector is facing enormous challenges across the globe, the ORLEN Group’s strategy takes account of long-term trends in raw materials, social changes and environmental regimes. We place a strong focus on developing existing assets and advancing innovation, which is to help us preserve a strong competitive advantage in the extremely dynamic environment.

For more information on the ORLEN Group’s Strategy for 2019–2022, see the corporate website.

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