Human capital


People are one of the key pillars of the ORLEN Group’s strategy. We provide fair and friendly working conditions for our employees. Relations with internal Stakeholders and the external business environment are based on integrity, respect and on dialogue, cooperation and involvement of each staff member in building a culture consistent with the Company’s core values . Our key goals are to increase employees’ skills and qualifications and align their training needs with the implementation of the business strategy and future challenges, ensure the highest standards of workplace safety and zero tolerance for accidents, and to secure future staffing needs, particularly in the context of the global skills mismatch trend.

Key facts about capital

  • Over 22,000 employees involved in corporate strategy implementation
  • Multinational team in Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania and Canada
  • Several dozen professions
  • Multigenerational workforce
  • Former employees with long years of service to ORLEN Group
  • Potential employees – professionals and students of technical schools and universities who are at the point of choosing their field of study or future career

The capital management

  • The business strategy implementation efforts are supported by employee training programmes. Career Development Sessions introduced in 2019 are based on the assessment of an employee’s development needs and business requirements in a given business area.
  • We run programmes to support skills identified as important for the development of our business functions in the context of future challenges, including: a programme to develop advanced analytical skills and a comprehensive programme to develop project management skills.
  • We have implemented a comprehensive management staff development programme centred on fostering engaging leadership, value-based management, performance improvement and building multifaceted collaboration and innovation on a team.
  • We regularly conduct employee engagement and satisfaction surveys covering various areas of the working environment to get a better insight into employees’ needs and expectations and to make changes and improvements aimed at increasing employee engagement.
  • We have put age management solutions in place to counteract adverse consequences of demographic shifts on the labour market.
  • We believe in social dialogue based on independence of the parties, legal compliance, as well as trust, mutual willingness to compromise, and observance of the rules.
  • We care to help employees achieve work-life balance, including through our ‘Family Friendly Employer’ programme.
  • We provide extensive medical care going beyond the scope of occupational medicine, and we support employees’ mental wellbeing as an integral part of the organisational culture (Occupational Psychology Centre).
  • We work consistently to satisfy our talent acquisition and retention needs, focusing of specific target groups relevant to our business areas – current and prospective employees, as well as students and graduates of vocational schools and universities.
  • We maintain the highest workplace safety standards, building the awareness of safe work procedures and creating proactive attitudes among our employees and contractors. In practice, this means that the Group does everything it can to prevent accidents, industrial failures, fires and other unwanted incidents.
  • We offer employment opportunities to people with disabilities. In 2019, together with several other Group companies, we joined the ‘Work – Integration’ programme of the State Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (PFRON), aimed at recruiting people with disabilities from the open labour market.
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UoM 2019 2018
Employment at the ORLEN Group [persons] 22,337 21,282
Employee turnover [%] 8.9 9.9
Accident rate (Total Recordable Rate) [number] 0.90 1.03
Average training hours per employee, including: 2019 2018
Women [number] 23.4 18.3
Men [number] 25.2 20.7
Managers [number] 38.5 24.5
Non-managers [number] 23.7 19.6
Employee engagement and satisfaction survey UoM 2019 2017
Number of ORLEN Group companies surveyed [x] 22 16
Number of respondents – PKN ORLEN [x] 4,192 4,005
Employee engagement rate [%] 64 65
Job satisfaction rate [%] 77 73
Average rates in Poland in 20161 and 20182
Employee engagement rate [%] 50 51
Job satisfaction rate [%] 64 66

1) Based on Aon Hewitt.
2) Based on Kincentric.

  • Development activities – in 2019 they focused on shaping attitudes and skills in diversity management, management ethics, innovation, cooperation, reviewing lessons learnt, project work, work planning and organisation, and negotiation skills.Another important training programme covers the policy for counteracting corruption practises, and was provided in 2019 to employees of various levels and business areas, supporting the implementation of the ORLEN Group Anti-Corruption Policy.
  • The Career Development Session programme launched in 2019, involving meetings of employees and their line managers held as a conversation of equal partners. Apart from being a tool used to identify development needs, the session supports the building of a culture of openness and dialogue.
  • Improvement a new e-learning platform, containing training courses in anti-money laundering regulations and other mandatory training courses, disclosure obligations of listed companies, counteracting the adverse effects of shift work, everyday innovation and diversity.
  • Projects seeking to maximise safety standards, with the key initiatives in this area including the ‘Safety Plus’ project, as part of which 15 standards are being implemented, representing the highest safety standards identified in the fuel and energy industry; work carried out to improve the Process Safety Management System based on OSHA 1910.119.
  • Offering employee benefits, which include co-financing of employee holidays or sanatorium treatment, childcare, holidays for children and teenagers, and school starter kits; ‘Family-Friendly Employer’ programme; organising medical check-ups and health campaigns in the workplace (‘Health At Your Fingertips’, ‘Health Zone’ and the Occupational Psychology Centre).
  • In 2019, over 100 people took advantage of internships at PKN ORLEN under the ‘Headed for ORLEN’ and ‘#Energy for the Future’ programmes, holiday internship programmes, workshop and mentoring opportunities within the framework of the ‘Go4Poland – Choose Poland!’ programme. 135 individuals completed student internships, most of them in the production segment, but some also in other business areas.
  • Participation in Job Fairs at universities of technology, and implementation of educational and information initiatives, for instance ORLEN Knowledge Day and Industry Seminars.

For more information on employee matters, see „Responsible employer”.

How human capital interacts with other capitals

In 2019, the ORLEN Group’s hiring policy was focused on recruiting top quality specialists for both day-to-day tasks and strategic projects. The reason was expansion of the ORLEN Group’s power generation, petrochemicals, maintenance services, IT and trade activities. Attracting skilled labour is key to maintaining and growing the components of production capital.

Investment in growing human capital has a positive impact on the intellectual and social capitals, and thus also drives the financial capital. In order to attract top talent, ORLEN Group offers terms of employment that are unique both in terms of pay, and non-financial benefits.

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