Social capital


At the ORLEN Group, social capital stands for shared standards, values and behaviours, and relationships with internal and external Stakeholders, including employees, the public, customers and trading partners, that are based on trust and commitment.

Key facts about the capital

  • In our activities we follow the Core Values and Standards of Conduct of PKN ORLEN S.A. that apply across the ORLEN Group and the ORLEN Group CSR Strategy until 2022
  • The Supplier Code of Conduct is a mandatory criterion in the process of trading partner selection at ORLEN Group companies
  • We support the development of local communities
  • We counteract social exclusion and engage in initiatives designed to ensure equal opportunities
  • Health and safety are our top priorities
  • We protect national heritage and support sports
  • We act to reduce our environmental impacts
  • We take steps to protect biodiversity and raise environmental awareness
  • In our relations with employees, we offer a safe working environment, provide decent working conditions and eliminate inequalities, ensure employee development, and support employees in balancing their personal, professional and social goals
  • In our relations with customers, we are guided by our commitment to their health and safety; we respond to their expectations, work to improve accessibility of our facilities, and inspire the customers to act responsibly
  • We seek to instil responsibility in our trading partners

The capital management

  • In 2019, we ran our first ever public awareness campaign under the hashtag ‘#DobryKierowca’ (‘#GoodDriver’)  as part of PKN ORLEN’s CSR activities.
  • We implement countrywide initiatives designed to reach local communities, such as the ‚My Place on Earth’  and ‘ORLEN for Firefighters’ grant programmes, and a loyalty scheme for volunteer firefighters. The ORLEN Foundation runs scholarship programmes, including For Eagles’ dedicated to children of the employees of PKN ORLEN and ORLEN Group companies and the residents of Płock and the County of Płock as well as ‘BONA FIDE’ for students.
  • We actively engage with local communities, mainly in Płock under the ‘ORLEN for Płock’ programme, and in locations where we conduct business. We have also implemented the free ORLEN Info system for Płock residents.
  • As part of our efforts to promote health and active lifestyles, we have set up a ‘Health City’ in Płock. We have also signed an agreement with the National Institute of Oncology for a Comprehensive programme for the prevention, diagnostics and treatment of cancers and respiratory system diseases for residents of the city and county of Płock’which is a pioneering initiative in Poland.
  • We engage in projects protecting the national heritage, working with the Chopin National Institute and other institutions, and we take part in events promoting the 18th Chopin Competition. We are also a sponsor of Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera in Warsaw.
  • We support professional and amateur sports   (Alfa Romeo Racing Team, ORLEN Team, ORLEN Sports Group, ORLEN Warsaw Marathon, Verva Street Racing, support for the youth training system, etc.).
  • We pursue projects aimed at raising environmental awareness among our Stakeholders. These include peregrine falcon conservation, bee keeping, and environmental volunteering programmes, as well as publication of environmental brochures.
  • At PKN ORLEN, we have a policy defining the terms and conditions of employment for people with disabilities, we run the ‘Family Friendly Employer’ programme, we help promote health, and we have opened the Occupational Psychology Centre. For more information on our CSR activities, see ‘Responsible employer’.
  • Under the employee volunteering programme,ORLEN Group employees take part in activities prepared by the ORLEN Foundation or submit their own volunteering ideas to receive a grant for their implementation. A novelty is the ‘Volunteering Project of the Year’ competition, ending with an Employee Volunteering Gala.
  • In line with our Charitable Giving Policy, the ORLEN Foundation pursues charitable projects, with a particular focus on helping foster family group homes, and numerous social outreach initiatives. Two other foundations operating within the ORLEN Group are ANWIL for Włocławek and the Unipetrol Foundation. We are a sponsor of the Grant Fund for Płock Foundation,which has been recognised as one of the 30 best CSR projects in Poland.
  • Our Stakeholders looking to enhance their knowledge of the capital market and of how to stay on the safe side while investing on the stock exchange are welcome to participate in the Investment Academy programme launched in 2019.
  • Participants in the VITAY loyalty scheme and users of the YANOSIK app may choose to donate their points to social causes, including support for foster family group homes or environmental projects.


UoM 2019 2018
Scholarship programmes of the ORLEN Foundation – grant holders1 [number] 537 398
Grant programmes of the ORLEN Foundation
‘My Place on Earth’2 – applications submitted [number] 2,132 1,135
‘My Place on Earth’ – grant-winning applications [number] 276 293
‘My Place on Earth’– estimated number of beneficiaries [number] 700,000 *
‘ORLEN for Firefighters’3 – applications submitted [number] 2,248 approx. 4,000
‘ORLEN for Firefighters’– grant-winning applications [number] 249 360
Health promotion projects for employees
Additional preventive check-ups4 [number] 1,050 1,000
Health Zone5 – participants [number] 350 634
Health promotion projects for local communities
Comprehensive Programme for the Prevention, Diagnostics and Treatment of Cancers and Respiratory System Diseases for Residents of the City and County of Płock6, including:
‘Health City’7 – medical consultations and examinations [number] over 10,000
Series of educational meetings for local communities8 – participants [number] 210
ORLEN Warsaw Marathon – participants [number] 20,000 20,000
VERVA STREET RACING – participants [number] 250,000 80,000
Information projects
Free Information System for residents of Płock and the Płock region – users9 [number] approx. 1,000
Employee volunteering programme
Volunteer campaigns [number] 40 *
Employees engaged in volunteering [number] 800 *
Sponsoring projects for Płock residents [number] 59 98
Customer engagement in social projects10
Vitay programme and Yanosik application points donated by customers for social causes [number] 45,670,769 40,730,211
PKN ORLEN suppliers obliged to know and accept the ‘PKN ORLEN Supplier Code of Conduct’, the ‘Anti-Corruption Policy of the ORLEN Group’ and the ‘PKN ORLEN Rules for Accepting and Offering Gifts’ [%] 100 100

*The indicator was not measured in 2018.

 1) Scholarship programmes of the ORLEN Foundation ‘For Eagles’ – a programme for children of the employees of PKN ORLEN and ORLEN Group companies, a programme for schoolchildren from Płock and neighbouring areas; ‘BONA FIDE’ – a programme for university students, a programme for people of Polish origin living beyond Poland’s Eastern border, a programme for charges of foster family group homes, the ‘Life to the Full’ programme, the ‘Masters of Chemistry’ programme.
2)My Place on Earth’ – a nationwide grant programme to support the development of local communities, including by reaching small towns and encouraging activity of rural communities. Projects covered by grant applications could benefit such areas as sports, safety, education, history, culture or environmental protection.
3) ’ORLEN for Firefighters’ – a countrywide programme run since 2000, designed to support firefighters from state and voluntary fire-fighting units, while fostering the development of local communities. Fire-fighting units may apply for grants to help them pay for fire-fighting equipment, as well as equipment used in water, flood, road, technical, medical, chemical, environmental and technical rope rescue operations.
4) Additional preventive check-ups – As part of ‘Prevention at Your Fingertips’, preventive health check-ups are provided at the workplace. In 2019, employees had an opportunity to have densitometric tests, HCV tests (detecting the hepatitis C virus) and hearing tests done. Parents of children aged from nine months to six years could have their children ultrasound scanned with a view to early detection of cancer.

5) Health Zone – in May 2019, PKN ORLEN employees in Płock, Warsaw and Włocławek were offered the health zone where they could consult a physiotherapist, have a massage or undergo a podoscopic examination of their feet.
6) ‘Comprehensive Programme for the Prevention, Diagnostics and Treatment of Cancers and Respiratory System Diseases for Residents of the City and County of Płock’ – initiated by PKN ORLEN, the programme is run by the National Institute of Oncology, in partnership with the National Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases Research Institute. Its focus is on early diagnosis, promotion of recognised treatment standards, as well as education and outreach activities motivating people to change their lifestyles.
7) Health City – an event organised with partners, including the Ministry of Health, the National Health Fund and the National Institute of Oncology, including free medical examinations and consultations in various fields of medicine. The aim of the project is to promote preventative healthcare, as well as active and healthy lifestyles. In 2019 two editions of the ‘Health City’ were held, available freely for residents of Płock and the neighbouring areas, and for ORLEN employees. The honorary partner of the project was the Polish Minister of Health. During the first edition, approximately 4,000 medical examinations and consultations were provided, and the number was up to approximately 6,000 during the second edition.
8) Series of educational meetings for local communities – special workshops organised for local communities from the County of Płock, including Farmers’ Wives Associations, to promote preventative healthcare, as well as active and healthy lifestyles.
9) Free Information System for residents of Płock and the Płock region – the system was established to provide information about social, cultural, sports and other projects initiated by PKN ORLEN and the ORLEN Foundation. It also warns of possible environmental nuisance and impediments to residents’ everyday lives caused by the operations of PKN ORLEN’s Production Plant in Płock.
10) Engaging customers in CSR projects – customers may donate points collected in the VITAY customer loyalty scheme and YANOSIK app to social causes.

How social capital interacts with other capitals

Our health promotion programmes, the ‘Family Friendly Employer’ programme and a wide selection of fringe benefits offered by the employer are aimed at strengthening human capital. Their purpose is to help employees maintain a work-life balance and encourage them to keep fit and take care of their health. A healthy employee who is satisfied with their job is more likely to take on new challenges, works more efficiently and is dedicated to their work.

The broad range of initiatives benefiting local communities (grant programmes, scholarships, involvement in cultural and sports initiatives) contributes to building an environment conductive to company growth and more investment in production capital.

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