Core Values and standards of conduct

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The 'Core Values and Standards of Conduct of PKN ORLEN S.A.' are the cornerstone of relations within the Company and with the external environment, including trading partners, local communities and the competitors.

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Our core values

 TheCore Values and Standards of Conduct of PKN ORLEN S.A.  offer guidance on internal relations and relations with the Company’s external Stakeholders. The document, prepared with a view to ensuring a fair and friendly working environment, defines principles of mutual relations at PKN ORLEN and ORLEN Group companies, which are based on integrity, respect in everyday relationships, and dialogue, cooperation and involvement of each staff member in building a culture consistent with the Company’s core values. It promotes the fair treatment of all employees and customers regardless of their age, sex, job, denomination, nationality, convictions or beliefs. The document also contains provisions on anti-corruption procedures, as well as provisions on the obligation to comply with the rules of fair competition, transparency of business activities, mutual respect, and professionalism.

In order to reinforce the ‘Core Values and Standards of Conduct of PKN ORLEN S.A.’ and promote desirable attitudes and behaviours among its personnel, the Group runs projects for employees such as the ‘Distinguished PKN ORLEN Employee’ title awarded every year for socially-oriented attitudes and observance of the core values. The largest Group-wide corporate culture building project is ORLEN Olympics, the annual sports games for the Group’s employees, which combine healthy fair play competition and the Company’s core values. Over the past six years, the event attracted thousands of PKN ORLEN employees together with their families. Every year, two thousand employees compete in various sport disciplines, and often more than thirty thousand people participate in picnics (since 2016, as part of the Chemists’ Day the picnic has also been open to the inhabitants of Płock).

The employee volunteering programme is another project enhancing the ORLEN Group’s corporate culture. It offers a number of involvement opportunities for all employees, regardless of their job and position.

PKN ORLEN offers a wide range of internal communication channels to its employees (corporate television, intranet and newsletter), and hosts the Open Door Day for families of its employees and residents of Płock, combined with environmental protection and health and safety education, as well as traditional Christmas meetings of the Management Board with the employees.

The ORLEN Group has additionally joined the national ‘Two Hours for the Family’ campaign. On May 15th, the International Day of Families, employees are free to leave two hours early to devote that time to family activities. The theme of the 2019 edition was ‘Small and Big Family Trip’.

PKN ORLEN’s value-based corporate culture is constantly evolving in response to the needs of the ever-changing environment. Our ethics policy is effective and embodies our commitment to meeting challenges and expectations.

The direction of changes and measures undertaken by PKN ORLEN is appreciated by both Polish and international experts. PKN ORLEN is the only company from Poland and CEE to have been repeatedly awarded the prestigious title of ‘The World’s Most Ethical Company’.

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