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We report on our performance against the commitments for 2019, and make commitments for the forthcoming year.

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Delivery on our commitments in 2019

We build our relations and cooperation model based on the highest value – People. We are aware that we form part of society and thus we do not operate in a vacuum. We are responsible for the local communities around us and pay heed to their needs.

The list of projects we completed includes:

Support for the development of local communities

  • My Place on Earth – In 2019, a gala was held in Katowice to celebrate the 2nd edition of the nationwide grant programme encouraging local communities to make positive changes in their immediate environment. A total of PLN 2.1m was transferred in this edition to 276 selected winning projects aimed at developing local communities.
  • Free Information System for the inhabitants of the Płock region – We have implemented an innovative tool for communication with local communities via SMS and e-mail.
  • Cross-sectoral partnership ‘Grant Fund for Płock’ Foundation– Thanks to the support from and consistent engagement of the sponsors, the ‘Grant Fund for Płock’ Foundation finances and settles grants transferred to Płock non-governmental organisations, and initiates its own projects targeted at social niches. Projects carried out in 2019 included ‘Live History Lessons’, with elements of impromptu scenes in interaction with the audience, and the ‘Happy Holidays in Płock’ project for over 620 young local residents who participated in free-of-charge classes and day camps.
  • ORLEN for Płock – A programme for the inhabitants of Płock, under which the following projects were carried out in 2019: free theatre shows for children and the elderly, free swimming lessons, providing equipment for classrooms in Płock schools, and the ‘Płock Gardens of Light’, held at Christmas.

Prevention of social exclusion and promotion of equal opportunities

for instance through initiatives for accessibility such as ensuring easier access to facilities, including service stations, to customers with different needs and mobility.

  • Comprehensive support for foster family group homes and family-like childcare facilities – In 2019, more than 300 such facilities  benefited from various forms of support provided by the ORLEN Foundation.
  • Scholarship programmes of the ORLEN Foundation – In 2019, scholarships were awarded to 537 students from across Poland, taking part in seven scholarship programmes.
  • Facilities for the disabled at PKN ORLEN service stations – All service station staff receive relevant training; architectural barriers are removed, space between the shelving racks and counters is adapted, toilets for the disabled feature call bells; service stations in Motorway Service Areas provide comfortable baby care rooms.

Fostering the national heritage

including by engaging in and supporting activities for the conservation of culture and national heritage as well as promotion of film, theatre, music, and literature.

  • PKN ORLEN as a sponsor of the International Chopin Piano Competition 2020.
  • Christmas concert for seniors at The Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera– the Opera Academy artists performed pieces by Stanisław Moniuszko and the most beautiful Polish Christmas carols. In 2019, PKN ORLEN took The Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera under its patronage.
  • We keep watch! We remember! – The ORLEN Foundation’s programme under which 16 grants were given in 2019 to organisations which look after places of remembrance to local war heroes, and which can make other local residents interested in the history of their small homelands.
  • Proud of the past, brave about the future’ – The exhibition of Polish hussar (winged cavalry) armour purchased by the ORLEN Foundation for the Polish History Museum. In 2019, two vernissage events were held in Warsaw and Płock, accompanied by a temporary exhibition.

For more information, see ‘Responsibility towards society’.

We also made a commitment to take initiatives in the following three areas: safety, health, and environmental protection.

These three areas were the most prominent in 2019 in our numerous projects addressed to local communities, employees, customers and trading partners. Since the range of our activities is very broad, each year we want to present the initiatives we undertake under different priorities.

The list of projects we completed includes:

Undertaking and supporting initiatives for safety, including road safety

  • ‘#GoodDriver’ campaign – 2019 saw the launch of this large-format social campaign sponsored by PKN ORLEN. Environmental protection, safety, health and support for local communities are the areas of particular importance to the Company.
  • ‘ORLEN for Firefighters’ programme – In 2019, the ORLEN Foundation awarded 249 grants totalling PLN 2m to volunteer and professional fire  brigades from 15 provincec in Poland.
  • Occupational Safety and Healthcare Days at the ORLEN Group – The fifth edition of the project was held in 2019 to consolidate and promote further development of personal safety, safety culture, health and awareness of employees and external contractors.
  • VERVA Street Racing – Safe Driving Zone – In 2019, the participants of Poland’s largest motorsports event, held in Gdynia, had an opportunity to visit the Safe Driving Zone.  They could have a go at rollover and collision simulators, and the experienced educators explained the dos and don’ts of staying safe as drivers and pedestrians.

Undertaking and supporting initiatives to promote healthy and active lifestyles

  • ‘Comprehensive programme for the prevention, diagnostics and treatment of cancers and respiratory system diseases for residents of the city and county of Płock – In 2019, an agreement was signed under which a PLN 10m health programme will be implemented in partnership with the National Institute for Oncology (formerly the Maria Skłodowska-Curie Institute – Oncology Centre) in cooperation with the Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases Research Institute. The project’s focus is on early diagnosis, promotion of recognised treatment standards, as well as education and outreach activities motivating people to change their lifestyles.
  • Health City – Two editions were held in 2019 in Płock. During a two-day event, participants had more than 10,000 examinations and consultations. The event aims at promoting a healthy and active lifestyle as well as disease prevention, and is addressed to PKN ORLEN’s employees and residents of Płock and the surrounding areas.
  • ORLEN Olympics – The ORLEN Group’s sporting celebration promoting physical activity and healthy lifestyles among employees.

Supporting professional and voluntary rescue service staff and their families

  • ORLEN for Firefighters – The ORLEN Foundation’s safety improvement programme. The funds provided by the Foundation were used to purchase equipment which increased the fire-fighting units’ operational readiness and improved the safety of local communities.
  • Loyalty scheme for volunteer firefighters registered in the National Firefighting and Rescue System– VFB firefighters who participate in the scheme, launched in 2019, can buy fuel at ORLEN and BLISKA service stations at discounted prices.
  • Dedicated programme launched by the ORLEN Foundation to provide free training on fund raising and project management to Voluntary Fire Brigades from all over Poland . More than 400 people from nearly 270 different organisations across Poland received the training.
  • As part of cooperation with the ‘Grow Up with Us’ Foundation, PKN ORLEN also provides support for families of firefighters who lost their lives while on duty. In addition, the ORLEN Foundation donated funds for a social campaign designed to foster solidarity with children whose parents lost their health or lives on duty, and to build respect for public service officers.

Optimising environmental impacts

  • Peregrine falcon restoration project – Since 1999, PKN ORLEN has been actively involved in efforts to restore the peregrine falcon population in Poland, in partnership with the ‘SOKÓŁ’ (‘FALCON’) Wildlife Protection Association. The peregrine falcon is listed on the Polish Red List of Animals as a CR (critically endangered) species. From 2002 (the first hatch of peregrine falcon chicks) to 2019, the falcon couple hatched 48 chicks and fostered four (in 2019, it produced a clutch of four eggs and hatched two chicks).
  • Waste sorting labels on packaging of products sold under the O! and VERVA brands

For more information, see ‘Environment and climate’ and  ‘Environmental and protection efforts and biodiversity’ .

Developing environmental conscience

through such initiatives as undertaking and supporting educational projects for the protection of the natural environment, including biodiversity.

  • Free nature watching cruises on the Vistula River– Four such cruises were organised for the inhabitants of Płock in 2019. Together with the guide/naturalist, the participants discovered and admired plant and animal species living in the middle section of the river.
  • Protection of the honey bee – A number of environmental education projects were carried out in 2019 aimed at protecting bees, such as a conference entitled ‘Bees in Human Life. Biodiversity and Protection’,or beekeeping workshops.

Our third commitment involved inspiring the Company's Stakeholders, including employees, customers and trading partners, to undertake social responsibility.

We create a positive image of the Company based on our actual actions and conduct. As the largest company in Central and Eastern Europe and a CSR leader, we feel obliged to set a good example and support others, all the more so because that is what our Stakeholders expect of us.

The list of projects we completed includes:

Implementing, supporting and promoting employee volunteering initiatives

  • A day off for employee volunteering projects – In 2019, PKN ORLEN employees were given the option to take an additional (fully paid) day off to take part in employee volunteering activities.
  • The 1st ORLEN Employee Volunteering Gala –A novelty in 2019 was the ‘Volunteering Project of the Year’ competition, ending with an Employee Volunteering Gala combined with the Volunteer Day celebrations. In 2019, a total of 800 employees were involved in all volunteering projects, whose beneficiaries included persons under the care of NGOs, students, and the natural environment.

Inspiring to undertake responsibility, promoting business ethics, educating on CSR and sustainable development

  • PKN ORLEN, together with the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology (currently: the Ministry of Development) and the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy, co-hosted the Polish workshop session at the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development in New York.
  • European Sustainable Development Week– The ORLEN Group and the ORLEN Foundation participated in the European Sustainable Development Week.
  • Safe External Contractor – 2019 saw a third edition of the competition organised by PKN ORLEN to disseminate and promote best practices in occupational health and safety, and to reward contractors who conform to H&S standards.

Promoting responsible attitudes

including by supporting local suppliers and domestic businesses, educating retail investors on the capital market, and engaging customers in social initiatives.

  • I choose 590 – Saturday for Poland – PKN ORLEN became a partner in a social campaign encouraging Poles to choose Polish products and services while doing their daily
  • PKN ORLEN’s Investment Academy – the Academy, launched in partnership with CFA Society Poland, focuses on the operation of the capital market.

Commitments for 2020

In 2020, activities for the benefit of the general public, employees, customers and trading partners will primarily feature initiatives undertaken in three areas: health, safety and environmental protection. 

  • Health
    • Implement the ‘Comprehensive Programme for the prevention, diagnostics and treatment of cancers and respiratory system diseases for residents of the city and county of Płock’
    • Take various measures to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic
    • Respond to current needs and developments by providing ongoing support to healthcare facilities, patients, medical and uniformed services
    • Undertake and support initiatives to promote healthy and active lifestyles
  • Safety
    • Undertake and support initiatives for safety, including road safety
    • Improve safety by providing healthcare facilities with specialist equipment and ambulances
    • Support professional and voluntary rescue service staff and their families
    • Continue activities aimed at reinforcing and enhancing the personal safety and the culture of safety, as well as awareness among employees and external contractors
  • Environmental protection
    • Optimise environmental impacts
    • Develop environmental conscience through such initiatives as undertaking and supporting educational projects for the protection of the natural environment, including biodiversity

Commitments for 2020 also include implementing social projects and inspiring the Company’s Stakeholders to undertake social responsibility:

  • Implement projects to reduce inequalities and support development of local communities
  • Inspire a sense of responsibility through the Company’s activities/involvement
  • Implement, support and promote employee volunteering initiatives

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