ORLEN Group strategy

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2019 was the first full year of implementing the Strategy for 2019−2022, announced on December 20th 2018.

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The vision for PKN ORLEN’s growth set out in the new strategy fits well with global trends in the use of primary energy sources, technological progress and social processes, which are bound to create new consumer behaviours and expectations. PKN ORLEN aims to focus on solidifying its market position, becoming more customer-oriented, exploiting the integrated value chain, with a growing role of the petrochemical business and prudent continuation of projects in the Upstream segment.

The focus on value-creating innovations is an important element of the strategy, which will be implemented through:

  • promoting internal and external innovation within the organisation,
  • creating an optimum environment for innovation at the ORLEN Group,
  • developing the PKN ORLEN Strategic Research Agenda,
  • deploying innovation acquisition tools: accelerator and CVC fund,
  • fostering collaboration with start-ups,
  • building the Research and Development Centre as a platform for collaboration between PKN ORLEN and the scientific and business communities,
  • in-house research and testing to improve processes, products and inputs,
  • developing proprietary technologies.

Pillars and update of PKN ORLEN’s startegy for 2019-2022

The dynamics of the market environment force the Group to adjust its planning perspective. Therefore, the manner of presentation of the Group’s goals and aspirations in the new strategy follows the previously established pattern. The strategic directions have been set for the next four years, while the specific financial and operational goals were presented for the years 2019–2020, due to the significant volatility of macroeconomic parameters.

Key PKN ORLEN’s strategic objectives for years 2019-2020:

annual average EBITDA LIFO of PLN 10.3 billion
realisation of annual average CAPEX of PLN 6.8 billion
financial gearing below 30%
regular dividend payments reflecting current financial situation

EBITDA LIFO before impairment [PLN billion]

CAPEX [PLN billion]

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