Capital expenditure on environmental protection

GRI indicators:

  • 103-1
  • 103-2 

The total spending on environmental projects by all ORLEN Group companies in 2019  amounted to EUR 40.5m, of which almost EUR 36.9m was spent on projects involving anti-pollution measures and environmental protection management, while the costs of reducing emissions into the air and in wastewater totalled EUR 3.6m.

PKN ORLEN’s key initiatives in 2019 included preparatory work for the utilisation of used lye from the Płock production plant in the context of environmental regulations, construction of Claus and SCOT units for gaseous hydrogen sulfide treatment, adaptation of fuel gas metering systems for monitoring of CO2 emissions, air-tight sealing and elimination of malodorous and hydrocarbon substances from the averaging device and wastewater inflow and outflow channels.

The projects will help improve the quality of discharged wastewater, reduce substance emissions into the air and optimise emission charges. Capital expenditure incurred by PKN ORLEN on environmental projects on the premises of the Płock production plant totalled EUR 1.46m.

A number of environmental protection projects were also carried out at PKN ORLEN’s distribution facilities, including line drains, water supply/sewage system connections and car wash separators at service stations. Total spending on environmental protection projects at ORLEN service stations amounted to nearly EUR 1.1m. Work was completed on two fuel terminals to upgrade their wastewater management – connection of the TP 111 sanitary wastewater system in Wrocław to the municipal network and air-tightening of handling facilities at TP 94 in Świnoujście. Expenditure on environmental projects at fuel terminals exceeded EUR 1m in 2019.

Environmental projects were carried out at 15 ORLEN Group companies. The most important ones were:

  • Installation of VRU at Paramo in Pardubice, installation of low NOx emission burners at the boiler room and RDH at Paramo in Kolín;
  • Installation of new burners on K-2 boiler of the CHP Plant at ORLEN Lietuva, installation of an electrostatic precipitator on the FCC unit, monitoring of VOC emissions;
  • Construction of a wastewater treatment plant, upgrade of a sewage sludge dewatering node within the central separator, and measurement of the amount of flare gas at ORLEN Południe;
  • Construction of a new boiler house at the steam cracker unit, redevelopment and modification of the existing flue gas desulfurisation technology at the T-700 CHP plant at Unipetrol;
  • Replacement of old burners with low NOx emission burners in the B1301 A reforming furnace at ANWIL;
  • Replacement of worn sewage system (TT7/P) and central heating (PP5) components at ORLEN Laboratorium;
  • Protection of spill containment trays at ORLEN OIL’s tank farm;
  • Repair of the spill containment tray of the aviation fuel filling station at ORLEN Aviation;
  • Replacement of gas detection sensors on the production units and the construction of a new central power generating unit at Spolana.

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