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Effluents from all ORLEN Group refining companies are directed to industrial and rainwater sewage systems and then undergo treatment.

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Effluents discharged into the environment are metered. In 2019, the ORLEN Group’s overall discharge volumes totalled nearly 51 million m3, which included almost 44.4 million m3 of industrial wastewater. The figures are broadly in line with the 2018 volumes.

In addition to PKN ORLEN, the following companies operate their own wastewater treatment facilities: ANWIL, Ship-Service, Spolana, Paramo, Unipetrol, ORLEN Lietuva and ORLEN Południe. All wastewater reaching the wastewater treatment plants undergoes a multi-stage treatment process which includes mechanical, physical, chemical and biological treatments. Once wastewater is treated in accordance with the Company’s integrated permits, it is discharged into rivers: Vistula, Elbe, Oder, Vltava, Jasiołka, Bílina, Dubulis, and to the Baltic Sea.

The other companies divert their wastewater streams to sewage systems of other Group companies or third parties. The volume of effluents treated by third-party operators was 1,080,662 m3. The ORLEN Group does not use rainwater collected directly or treated wastewater generated by entities from outside the Group.

Volumes of treated effluents discharged into the environment by ORLEN Group companies

Effluent type Volume of treated effluents discharged to the environment [m3]
2019 2018

Increase/ decrease

Industrial wastewater 44,397,037 44,039,987 0.81
Other 6,517,502 6,651,339 (2.01)
Total 50,914,539 50,691,326 0.44

Share of particular substance loads in effluents discharged into the environment [Mg]

The substance load in effluents discharged into the environment totalled nearly 74,000 Mg.

Production of utility water from treated effluents is carried out at PKN ORLEN and ORLEN Lietuva. In this way the companies were able to obtain more than 7 million m3 of water for technical and fire protection purposes.

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