Responsibility towards society

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The ORLEN operates on six home markets – in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Slovakia and Canada.

The ORLEN Group has more than 22,000 employees. With their families included, this gives in total more than 100,000 people whose lives are directly affected by PKN ORLEN operations. Furthermore, investment projects, current repairs and maintenance work performed by third party contractors for the ORLEN Group add up to more than ten thousand jobs.  ORLEN Group service stations in Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Slovakia employ more than 27,000 staff.

PKN ORLEN and other ORLEN Group companies put special focus on their role as socially responsible members of their respective communities. The Group considers both direct and indirect effects of its activities on the  environment it operates in. It is an employer, a tax payer, sponsor, charity provider, and partner for numerous suppliers, institutions, and organisations.

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Local taxes

The ORLEN Group companies are key local tax payers at their respective locations. For example, in 2019 the total revenue of the city of Płock related to the operations of PKN ORLEN and the ORLEN Group companies located in the city amounted to more than PLN 274m.

Local taxes paid by the ORLEN Group companies in key locations in 2019

1) Includes: property taxes, vehicle taxes, corporate income tax, personal income tax, environmental charges, charges for perpetual usufruct of land. Applies to the following companies: PKN ORLEN, ORLEN Asfalt, ORLEN Koltrans, ORLEN Paliwa, ORLEN Serwis, ORLEN Eko, ORLEN Laboratorium, ORLEN Administracja, Centrum Usług Korporacyjnych.
2) Includes: property taxes, corporate income tax, personal income tax, charges for perpetual usufruct of land. Applies to the following companies: ANWIL and ORLEN Laboratorium.
3) Includes: property taxes, agricultural tax, vehicle taxes. Applies to the following companies: IKS Solino and ORLEN Paliwa.
4) Includes: property taxes, vehicle taxes, perpetual usufruct charges, personal income tax.  Applies to the following companies: ORLEN Południe, ORLEN Oil, ORLEN Asfalt.
5) Includes: property taxes, charges for perpetual usufruct of land, personal income tax.  Applies to the following companies: ORLEN Południe, ORLEN Oil, ORLEN Południe.
6) Includes property tax, the Unipetrol Group.
7) Includes property tax, the Unipetrol Group.
8) Includes property tax, the Unipetrol Group.
9)  Includes property tax, charges for perpetual usufruct of land, ORLEN Lietuva

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CSR initiatives

Infografika-Orlen-2020-110 (1) Infografika-Orlen-2020-110 (1)

 2019 saw the continued implementation of countrywide projects designed to reach local communities, such as the ‘My Place on Earth’ and ‘ORLEN for Firefighters’ grant programmes and a loyalty scheme for volunteer firefighters registered in the National Firefighting and Rescue System. The ORLEN Foundation delivered successive editions of its scholarship programmes, including ‘For Eagles’ dedicated to children of the employees of PKN ORLEN and ORLEN Group companies and the residents of Płock and the County of Płock, as well as ‘BONA FIDE’ for university and college students.

In 2019, the Company increased its involvement in health promotion. A novelty during the Chemists’ Days in Płock was the ‘Health City’, a two-day event aimed at promoting disease prevention and a healthy and active lifestyle. The event’s partners included: the Ministry of Health, the National Health Fund and the National Institute of Oncology. Its participants were offered free medical examinations and consultations: more than 4,000 during the first edition in June, and more than 6,000 during the second edition in October. Responding to the needs of Płock residents, in 2019 PKN ORLEN signed an agreement with the National Institute of Oncology for a ‘Comprehensive programme for the prevention, diagnostics and treatment of cancers and respiratory system diseases for residents of the city and county of Płock’, which is a pioneering initiative in Poland. The project is run by the National Institute of Oncology, in partnership with the National Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases Research Institute. Its focus is on early diagnosis, promotion of recognised treatment standards, as well as education and outreach activities motivating people to change their lifestyles. As part of the programme, a series of health-related meetings for members of farmers’ wives associations from municipalities of the Płock county, entitled ‘Say YES to Your Healthy Future’, were launched in late 2019, including educational lectures on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Facilities offering basic medical examinations and consultations were also available. In 2019, PKN ORLEN was also involved in community projects aimed at reducing inequalities. Their intended beneficiaries were young children under the care of foster family group homes and the Róża Czacka Centre for Blind Children in Laski, as well as senior citizens. The ‘Cinema with ORLEN’ project consisted in admission-free film screenings accompanied by safety lectures delivered by special guests, and concerts featuring theatre actors or Opera Academy artists. Volunteers of the ORLEN Foundation were engaged in the events.

Corporate foundations

In accordance with its Charitable Giving Policy, in 2019 PKN ORLEN implemented and supported initiatives aligned with the four priorities outlined in the document ‘ORLEN for the environment, ORLEN for society, ORLEN for safety and health, ORLEN for sports, education and culture’. The Charitable Giving Policy is an important part of corporate social responsibility, as a tool supporting the Company in its role as a responsible corporate citizen and employer, member of the local community, and good neighbour. The ORLEN Group not only initiates and carries out charity activities, but also participates in such initiatives as a partner.

The ORLEN Foundation , established in 2001 to fulfil the social responsibility mission of its founder, PKN ORLEN, has an important part in pursuing these objectives. At the end of 2019, its name was changed from ‘ORLEN – GIFT FROM THE HEART’ to ‘ORLEN Foundation’. Since its inception, the Foundation has provided comprehensive assistance to foster family group homes  by funding scholarships, trips during summer and winter holidays, additional tuition and rehabilitation care for children, or financing fuel cards. At the moment, the Foundation’s assistance covers children from close to 300 such homes. The Foundation runs numerous scholarship programmes , both for children of ORLEN Group employees and for students from Płock and the surrounding area. The aim of such programmes is to help young people in their education and pursuit of their passions, improve their motivation, and also encourage their social involvement, e.g., through volunteer work. In 2019, the Foundation continued its ‘BONA FIDE’ scholarship programme together with partners: The Lotto Foundation, the J.K. Steczkowski BGK Foundation and the Energa Foundation. Under the programme, the Foundation supports second- and third-degree students at a foreign university ranked among the world’s top 50 academic institutions (the Shanghai List). The Foundation’s mission is to support world-class development and education of people who have the potential of becoming future leaders in various sectors of the economy or public administration. In 2019, as in the year before, the ORLEN Foundation ran three grant programmes. In addition to the two decades-old ‘ORLEN for Firefighters’, there were two programmes launched in 2018: ‘My Place on Earth’, which encourages local communities to make a difference for the better in their immediate surroundings, and ‘We keep watch! We remember!’, in which foundations, associations or local institutions commemorate national heroes, restoring memorial sites dedicated to often forgotten heroes of local fights for Poland’s independence. The application round for ‘My Place on Earth’ was accompanied by 50 meetings at ORLEN service stations throughout Poland. During five summer holiday weeks, the ‘My Place on Earth’ zone was visited by as many as 18 thousand travellers. The ORLEN Foundation received a record-high number of applications: more than 2,100. Grants to fund the proposed projects, ranging from PLN 4,000 to PLN 15,000, went to various common interest societies, farmers’ wives associations, schools, libraries, sports clubs, parishes and other beneficiaries. The initiatives for the benefit of local communities were evaluated by independent experts. In 2019, the Foundation co-financed 276 projects. For 20 years, PKN ORLEN and the ORLEN Foundation have supported the State Fire Service and voluntary fire brigades. In 2019, 249 fire-fighting units received grants totalling more than PLN 2m, which they used to purchase necessary equipment. Thanks to regular support from the ORLEN Foundation, over the last two decades fire brigades have been equipped with the necessary equipment to fight fires and respond to natural disasters, as well as equipment used in road, technical, medical, chemical, environmental and rope rescue operations. In April 2019, the Foundation launched a special free training programme for Volunteer Fire Brigades, under which 372 firefighters from nearly 200 different organisations across 13 provinces were trained.

In 2019, the Foundation was developing a new format for its employee volunteer service programme, which has been in place at the ORLEN Group for 15 years. Currently, ORLEN Group employees who want to volunteer have two options: take part in activities prepared by the ORLEN Foundation or submit their own volunteer initiative projects and apply for a grant from the Foundation. Another novelty is the ‘Volunteering Project of the Year’ competition, ending with an Employee Volunteering Gala.

Furthermore, the ORLEN Foundation pursues its statutory objectives by granting donations to other entities. Under its donations programme in 2019, the Foundation provided funds for projects spanning a range of areas: social welfare; protection and promotion of health; preservation of national traditions; culture; local communities; science, education, upbringing; sports; rescue and civil protection.

The CSR initiatives of PKN ORLEN and the ORLEN Foundation also engage members of the VITAY loyalty scheme and users of the YANOSIK application. Many of them choose to donate their points to social causes, including assistance to foster family group homes or environmental projects.

The ORLEN Group has also established other corporate foundations – the ANWIL for Włocławek and the Unipetrol Foundation. The ANWIL for Włocławek Foundation supports projects aimed at raising the level of education of the Włocławek residents, counteracting social and economic exclusion, improving the condition of the natural environment, preserving the historical heritage, as well as protecting and promoting health. The key programmes implemented by the Foundation include: ‘I Learn with ANWIL’, ‘ANWIL Helps’, ‘Primi Inter Pares’, ‘Youth with ANWIL”, ‘Streetworking in Włocławek’, ‘Save from Oblivion’, ‘Holidays with the Foundation’, ‘I Choose Sports and Say Goodbye to Boredom’.

Objectives of the Unipetrol Foundation  include providing support to students of natural sciences-  and technology-oriented faculties through internships and work placements as well as grant programmes dedicated to secondary school students. In 2019, 51 students received scholarships of CZK 1.67m. For 18 years, Unipetrol has been a partner of the University of Chemistry and Technology of Prague.  In 2019, Unipetrol allocated CZK 1.3m to selected school projects, including the ‘Summer School’ and ‘Autumn School’, addressed to primary and secondary school teachers, or the ‘Lesson of Modern Chemistry’ project in the Ústí region. The company is also a partner of the national round of the Chemistry Olympics. It offers internships to young talents to give them the opportunity to gain the required experience and knowledge. A branch of the University of Chemistry and Technology of Prague is located within the Záluží industrial park in Litvinov, which gives the students an opportunity to cooperate with the unique UniCRE research centre operated by the Unipetrol Group, a one-of-a-kind project in the Czech Republic. At the research centre, students can complete an internship and gain industry experience. What is more, Unipetrol actively supports the ‘Zlatý Amos’ project, which seeks to recognise the best chemistry teachers in the Czech Republic.

In 2019, PKN ORLEN actively supported the foundations it had established, contributed to or participated in, including the Grant Fund for Płock Foundation, the Foundation of the Ignacy Łukasiewicz Oil and Gas Industry Museum in Bóbrka, the Polish National Foundation, the Grow Up with Us Foundation and the Polish Economic Security Consortium through the Polish Economic    Security Foundation – Legal and Economic Dialogue and Analysis Institute.

#GoodDriver (#DobryKierowca) public awareness campaign

In 2019, the Company ran the first edition of a public awareness campaign under the hashtag ‘#DobryKierowca’ (‘#GoodDriver’) as part of PKN ORLEN’s CSR activities. The key points of focus in the campaign included environmental protection, safety, health and support for local communities. The aim was to demonstrate that even small changes can make a big difference for many people around us. Through the campaign, PKN ORLEN attempted to make its customers aware that together we can create a better future. By buying fuel and other products at ORLEN service stations, they can support not only Polish producers, but also projects focused on environmental protection, health or safety. The nationwide campaign was publicised in the press, on television, online and on roadside billboards. In addition, PKN OLREN organised special communication platforms for the inhabitants of Płock to present its pro-environmental projects. Local residents had the opportunity to learn, for instance, of various animal species living in the immediate surroundings of the production plant, including bees making honey that meets all the quality standards. Every customer who visited an ORLEN service station during the campaign and purchased any product received a unique sticker to show other motorists that they supported ORLEN’s charitable activities.

dziecko dziecko

Support to sports and culture

PKN ORLEN is an undisputed Patron of Polish Sports, supporting professional and amateur athletes and other sportsmen. In 2019, PKN ORLEN entered the most exclusive motor sport discipline – Formula 1, becoming a sponsor of the Rokit Williams Racing team. The car was driven by Robert Kubica, the only Polish driver in this highest class of auto racing. The Company’s decision to sponsor this sports discipline was prompted by its strong foreign expansion, the need to support international recognition of the ORLEN brand and the ongoing co-branding of its service stations in the Czech Republic and Germany. In 2020, the Company signed a new sponsorship agreement with the Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN team, becoming its title sponsor, with Robert Kubica as the test driver and team ambassador. The Group is also present in many other motor sport disciplines. The colours of the two decades old ORLEN Team are worn by cross country, enduro, kart racing, Formula 1, car rally, WRC, speedway and powered paragliding competitors. The Company supports Poland’s only professional cross country rally team, whose members take part in the most challenging rallies. Their greatest success was the 4th place taken by Jakub Przygoński in the Dakar Rally, the world’s toughest off-road event. In 2019, the team consisting of Przygoński and motorcyclists Maciej Giemza and Adam Tomiczek was joined by Kamil Wiśniewski, who competes in off-road ATV rallies, and Kacper Wróblewski, a road rally driver. Bartosz Zmarzlik – member of the Polish speedway team sponsored by PKN ORLEN and ANWIL – became the Individual World Champion, while Wojciech Bógdał – a powered paragliding pilot supported by PKN ORLEN, came second in the PL1 class at the European Slalom Paramotor Championships in Spain and won the title of Polish Slalom Champion in the same class. At the beginning of 2020, the ORLEN Team expanded considerably, having admitted representatives of new disciplines: Bartłomiej Marszałek competing in F1 Powerboat Racing and the Żelazny Aerobatics Team. PKN ORLEN was also the organiser of the largest running event in Poland: ‘ORLEN Warsaw Marathon’.

PKN ORLEN was also the organiser of the largest running event in Poland: ‘ORLEN Warsaw Marathon’. Since 2010, PKN ORLEN has organised ‘VERVA Street Racing’, the largest motoring festival in Poland.

The ORLEN Sports Group, a group of individual competitors who receive financial support from PKN ORLEN, already comprises almost 40 successful athletes, including champions and medal winners of the most prominent events: the Olympic Games, and the indoor or outdoor World and European Championships. The group members include athletes, track cyclists and a female judoka. The Group’s top stars are: Anita Włodarczyk – winner of two Olympic gold medals, four-time world champion and holder of multiple world, European and Polish records in hammer throw, Piotr Małachowski – Poland’s best discus thrower, winner of two Olympic silver medals, and Paweł Fajdek – four-time world champion in hammer throw. The ORLEN Sports Group’s biggest successes in 2019 included the achievements of our competitors during the World Championships in Doha: a gold medal won by Paweł Fajdek, a silver medal won by women’s 4x400m relay (Justyna Święty-Ersetic, Iga Baumgart-Witan, Małgorzata Hołub-Kowalik, Patrycja Wyciszkiewicz) and a bronze medal won by Piotr Lisek in pole jump.

In 2019, the Polish national team won the European Athletics Team Championships in Bydgoszcz.

For nearly a decade, PKN ORLEN has been committed to supporting Polish volleyball. It sponsors the Polish indoor and beach volleyball national teams across all age categories, helping them succeed. In 2019, the men’s team won the bronze medal of the European Championships, ranked third in the Volleyball Men’s Nations League and qualified for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. In 2019, the Group company ORLEN Paliwa became the title sponsor of the Warsaw-based VERVA Warszawa ORLEN Paliwa volleyball club.

PKN ORLEN also supports sports clubs from Płock, as the general sponsor of the SPR Wisła Płock handball team and the Wisła Płock football club. The sponsorship of these teams is not merely a business decision – it is a CSR project created together with the Płock community.

An important part of the PKN ORLEN sports sponsorship strategy is an effective youth training system, aimed at developing a pipeline of future champions. Together with the Polish Athletic Association, the Company implements the ‘Athletics for Everyone’ programme. It has also partnered with the Polish Volleyball Federation in the development of School Volleyball Centres. PKN ORLEN is actively engaged in a training system set up by Football Academies across Poland. In 2019, training and development opportunities were provided to 9,000 children and young people, as the Company sponsored tournaments and football schools. Seeking to nurture potential successors of Robert Kubica, PKN ORLEN supports young kart racing enthusiasts in the ORLEN Team Academy: 30 young competitors aged 6 to 18. In addition, the Company is involved in the School Sports Club (SKS) programme initiated by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, re-established in Polish schools after years of absence. The figures for 2019 are impressive: nearly 10,000 participating schools, more than 15,000 teachers in charge of SKS classes, and 320,000 students in 100% of Polish counties and 93% of municipalities covered by the programme.

nearly 10,000 participating schools

2019 was also marked by the 100th anniversary of the Polish Olympic Committee. As the Strategic Sponsor of the organisation, PKN ORLEN actively supported the anniversary celebrations. Furthermore, the Company continued to partner with the Polish Paralympic Committee, supporting disabled athletes competing at the national and international level.

PKN ORLEN builds its brand recognition through sports not only in Poland, but also abroad: it supports a hockey club in the Czech Republic, handball in Germany, and a basketball club in Lithuania.

As a national giant, PKN ORLEN also supports initiatives designed to protect Polish national heritage. The Company is engaged in a wide variety of activities promoting Polish culture. One of the most important events in 2019 was the commencement of a sponsorship arrangement with Europe’s largest opera house: Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera in Warsaw. PKN ORLEN remained a sponsor of the Fryderyk Chopin Institute, supporting concerts organised by the Institute in the world’s most prominent concert venues to promote the Chopin Competition scheduled for autumn 2020 in Warsaw, which is also sponsored by the Company. Additionally, PKN ORLEN provided support for the organisation of the 24th  Ludwig van Beethoven Easter Festival and the International Music Festival of Central-Eastern Europe EUFONIE. An exhibition of Polish hussar (winged cavalry) armour purchased by the ORLEN Foundation for the Polish History Museum was held in 2019. Two vernissage events titled ‘Proud of the past, brave about the future’ for history lovers and fans were held in Warsaw and Płock.

PKN ORLEN presented its good CSR practices at the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development in New York. The Company co-hosted the Polish workshop session with Goal 10 ‘Less Inequality’ as its main theme.For more information on implementing the CSR Strategy in individual areas, see ‘Non-Financial Statement of the ORLEN Group and PKN ORLEN S.A.’.

Involvement with local communities

In 2019, the Company actively collaborated with local communities, particularly in Płock and other places where it operates. The ‘ORLEN for Płock programme has been in place for four years now. The 59 projects delivered as part of the initiative in 2019 included  funding for ten primary schools in Płock to help them purchase teaching aids for school laboratories;  sponsoring of the ‘Light Backpack’ project in Primary School No. 17, where heavy backpacks were replaced with tablets for use by children in class;  active support for the Płock voluntary water rescue service (WOPR), which included funding for a lifeguarded bathing spot on Lake Górskie near Płock, frequented by approximately 50,000 visitors in July and August 2019, and sponsoring (for the fourth time) of free swimming lessons for children and adults;  as well as support for the ORLEN Wisła Płock handball team and the Wisła Płock football team.

In 2018, we created an innovative tool for communicating with the local communities – the Free Information System for the inhabitants of the Płock region, which, following internal pilot deployment, was made available in 2019 to residents of Płock and its surroundings. All those who register at will be receiving text messages or emails with highlights from the life of the PKN ORLEN Group.

Two major events were also held – the Płock Gardens of Light, which attracted more than 30,000 people to the Tumskie Hill in Płock between December 7th 2019 and January 6th 2020, as well as the Chemists’ Day (attended by approximately 35,000 ORLEN Group employees and Płock residents) and the ORLEN Olympics (2,000 employees and Płock residents competing in 11 sports disciplines).

In 2019, PKN ORLEN organised nature watching cruises on the Vistula Riverfor almost five hundred inhabitants of Płock and the region, mainly families with children and senior citizens. The participants had the opportunity to look closely at the multitude of flora and fauna species living in the Vistula River’s middle section. They also learned what species, including protected ones, live on the site of PKN ORLEN’s Płock production plant and in neighbouring areas. In order to raise environmental awareness, PKN ORLEN organised a two-day conference entitled ‘Bees in Human Life. Biodiversity and Protection’.

With primary focus on its neighbours – the local community of Płock, in 2019 PKN ORLEN published an environmental leaflet, accessible and attractive for every reader. It focuses mainly on the presentation of results of the wildlife survey carried out on and around the premises of PKN ORLEN’s production plant in Płock. The leaflet presents statistics on many plant and animal species, including common and protected ones, as well as numerous photos showing the most interesting and valuable specimens. It also provides important information on the Company’s environmental impact.

In 2019, the Company organised regular workshops for representatives of local and public administration and institutions responsible for security in Płock. During the meetings, Company experts discussed measures taken to improve process safety and protect the environment, as well as solutions and procedures in place. The meetings also serve as the opportunity to conduct open dialogue and learn about Stakeholders’ expectations.

Unipetrol provides direct financial assistance to selected villages and towns in the Ústecký and Central Bohemian regions, where the company has the bulk of its operations. In 2019, Unipetrol provided financial support of CZK 2.45m to 16 towns and villages located in the vicinity of the production plants in Záluží near Litvínov and Kralupy nad Vltavou. The funds were allocated for the development of social, cultural and sports life, as well as modernisation and development of municipalities. The municipalities use the funds from Unipetrol to repair roads and bicycle paths, upgrade public lighting systems and care facility equipment or extend school buildings.

ORLEN Lietuva, with its registered office in Mažeikiai, Lithuania, implements social-, cultural-, educational-, sports-, and charity-oriented initiatives for the benefit of the local community. The company collaborates with junior high schools in Mažeikiai, donating funds for purchasing laboratory equipment, and with the University of the Third Age in Mažeikiai. It supports religious communities in Mažeikiai, such as the parish of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, an Eastern Orthodox parish, and the parish of the Holy Trinity in Pikeliai. ORLEN Lietuva also engaged in the construction of a new children’s ward at the Blessed Father Michael Sopocko hospice in Vilnius.

As a business engaging in appraisal, exploration and production operations, the ORLEN Upstream Group  strives to build friendly and lasting relations with local communities, i.e. residents, local governments and entrepreneurs.

While carrying out its projects, the ORLEN Upstream Group cooperates with local suppliers and subcontractors, including municipal utilities, grocery stores, catering outlets and hotels, as well as companies renting construction equipment. In 2019, the ORLEN Upstream Group used services provided by about 20 businesses located within its licence areas. As it conducts highly specialised exploration and production operations, it has limited ability to employ local residents since they lack the education and professional experience relevant to the industry in which it operates. However, the company employs local residents to perform basic geophysical surveys on a drilling site or to guard the facility. Thus, it builds awareness and understanding of the work it conducts in a given area.

Combating the spread of coronavirus in 2020

PKN ORLEN immediately joined the efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic.

PLN 100m for the battle against the coronavirus. Material and financial support is provided mainly to healthcare establishments, as well as to uniformed services.

Financial and in-kind support is provided mainly to healthcare establishments, as well as uniformed services.

It took only ten days for ORLEN Oil, an ORLEN Group company, to switch from windshield washer fluid production to the production of a liquid hand sanitiser, whose distribution started already in early March. In March, the hand sanitiser was sent to the Material Reserves Agency, other institutions and retail customers. Early April saw the launch of production of a biocidal hard surface disinfectant at the Trzebinia plant. The product is sold through wholesale channels and is supplied to public utility institutions.

Thanks to our support, healthcare establishments have better equipment to save lives and health of patients with the coronavirus. PKN ORLEN purchased personal protective equipment, including protective masks and gloves, coveralls and medical goggles, mainly for medical personnel and uniformed services. The equipment was provided to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration and to the Material Reserves Agency. Furthermore, the Company gave ventilators to the Provincial Hospital Complex in Płock and to the Central Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration in Warsaw. Protective equipment to fight the coronavirus pandemic was also donated to the Vatican and The Office of Papal Charities.

The ORLEN Foundation joined in helping those in need as well by offering PLN 10m to aid hospitals across Poland which diagnose and treat coronavirus patients. The hospitals used the funds to purchase additional laboratory equipment, ambulances, medical equipment, as well as protective coveralls, goggles, face shields, masks, gloves and disinfectants.

The ORLEN Group also supplies residential care homes with hygiene products and protective equipment to fight the epidemic. They are sent to the most affected 21 residential care homes from all over Poland in order to protect their residents and the medical personnel from contracting the coronavirus.

Other ORLEN Group companies are also actively involved in combating the epidemic.

ANWIL purchased medical equipment and hygiene products to increase safety of the inhabitants of the Province of Bydgoszcz.

ORLEN Deutchland, operating the ‘star–ORLEN Group’ service station chain in Germany, became involved in an initiative designed to help motorists waiting to cross the German-Polish border. They were offered sandwiches, bars, water, juices and energy drinks delivered from Poland in collaboration with the Border Guard. The project was joined by the Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Czech subsidiary Unipetrol was involved in a similar initiative at the Czech-Polish border.

PKN ORLEN decided to cut fuel prices at PKN ORLEN CODO stations in Poland to encourage all those who have no other option but to travel in this difficult time to choose the car rather than public transport. The army, police, fire service and medical service personnel who are directly involved in fighting the spread of the coronavirus epidemic in Poland can refuel their vehicles at discounted prices.

At ORLEN service stations, ambulance service staff, police officers, fire fighters, municipal police officers, soldiers, Border Guard officers, as well as employees of the National Revenue Administration and Inspectorate of Road Transport are served out of turn and can get a free hot beverage.

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