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Implementation of the ORLEN Group CSR Strategy until 2022 commenced in 2019. The Strategy builds on the Company’s business strategy, the Core Values and Standards of Conduct of PKN ORLEN – our internal code of ethics, and Agenda 2030 – the UN resolution on sustainable development at the global and local level.

Besides seeking to align business with social objectives, other priorities of the CSR Strategy are to build PKN ORLEN’s image as a leader in CSR and sustainability, generate CSR synergies across the Group, and support the pursuit of Sustainable Development Goals  oraz and the ‘Accessibility Plus’ programme.

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In keeping with the principles of social responsibility, PKN ORLEN has also signed up to and been engaged in external initiatives intended to promote sustainable development:

  • In 2018, PKN ORLEN signed a declaration of Partnership for Accessibility, affirming its commitment to cooperate in the implementation of the government’s ‘Accessibility Plus’ programme.
  • Since 2017, PKN ORLEN has been involved in the initiative of the Ministry of Development (formerly the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology) entitled – Partnership for the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in Poland.PKN ORLEN has joined the partnership for implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda, seeking to ensure that its efforts support the achievement of all 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which include: sustainable cities and communities, affordable and clean energy, responsible production and consumption, quality education, decent work and economic growth.
  • Since 2017, PKN ORLEN has been involved in activities of the Polish Economic Security Consortium.
  • Since 2015, PKN ORLEN has been an active member of the Sustainable Development Committee at the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry . During the 2015 Polish Chemical Industry Congress, PKN ORLEN signed the Declaration of Support to the Sustainable Development Concept in Chemical Industry.
  • In 2014, PKN ORLEN signed the Declaration of Polish Businesses for Sustainable Development. By doing so, we joined the group of companies supporting the Vision of Sustainable Development of Polish Businesses until 2050. The document draws on the international initiative of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.
  • In 2010, PKN ORLEN was among those energy companies that decided to sign the Declaration on Sustainable Development in the Energy Sector.
  • PKN ORLEN is also a member of the global Fair Trade movement. Since 2008, Stop Cafes and Stop Cafe Bistros have been selling Fair Trade coffee only.
  • PKN ORLEN has participated in Responsible Care since 1997, when the programme was adopted by the Company’s legal predecessor. This global project brings together chemical manufacturing companies to improve their health, safety and environmental performance (the so called HSE triad), as well as to share information about their activities.

The CSR strategy is implemented within five key areas of responsibility: Society, Environment, Employees, Customers, and Trading Partners. The identification of these areas facilitated the allocation of tasks corresponding to the needs of specific Stakeholder groups. Our ambition is to best fulfil the role of a responsible corporate citizen and employer, a member of the community and a good neighbour. We declare our openness to the world around us, sensitivity to people’s needs and willingness to help. We would like our activities to effectively address the needs of local communities, bringing about real change in the lives of their target beneficiaries. We would also like them to be wide-ranging so that our charitable efforts reach all places where they are needed.

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We are aware that we do not operate in a vacuum. We form part of society and that is why we build our relations and cooperation model based on the highest value – people. We feel responsible for the neighbouring local communities. Płock, the home of PKN ORLEN, is particularly close to our heart. Our priority is given to developing social conscience, sharing best practices and knowledge. We are also a sponsor of culture and arts, as well as Polish professional and amateur sports. We want our activities to effectively address the needs of local communities and make a real difference.

The main goals pursued in the Society area are to support the development of local communities, prevent social exclusion and promote equal opportunities, ensure safety and health protection, and preserve the national heritage.

For more information, see ‘Responsibility towards society’.


The ORLEN Group operates on six home markets – in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Slovakia and Canada. Our products reach over 110 countries located on 6 continents. PKN ORLEN itself is the largest company in Central and Eastern Europe. We are aware of our ‘greatness’ and we take into account its long-term impact on its surroundings and the natural environment. We feel obliged to be responsible for what we do. Over the years, we have reduced our environmental footprint by conducting our business in keeping with sustainable development principles. We manage the available resources so as not to limit future growth opportunities or upset the gentle balance in nature. Environmental protection is a key element of our CSR strategy.

The main objectives pursued in the Environment area include the optimisation of our environmental impacts, protection of biodiversity, and raising of environmental awareness.

For more information, see  ‘Environment and climate’.


We are a trustworthy employer and we want to address the needs of all our Stakeholders. We feel particularly responsible for our employees. The combination of skills and passion with which they perform their daily work is what makes the Company successful. We highly value their activity as part of the employee volunteering programme. They feel that social involvement makes their work more meaningful, and we appreciate that. That is why we present them with opportunities to take initiative and turn their ideas into reality. We also see other needs. Therefore, we broaden the range of perquisites, including training, as well as strengthen and develop a culture of safety and undertake health protection and promotion initiatives. Employees are the foundation of our business, which is why they are our particular focus.

The main objectives pursued in the Employees area are to create a safe work environment, ensure fair working conditions, tackle inequalities, foster employee development, and help employees to successfully balance their personal, career and social goals.

For more information, see ‘Responsible employer’.


The ORLEN Group means, first and foremost, people – not only employees, but also customers. They are the ones for whom we develop products and services of premium quality. It is with them that we establish relations, which become lasting ones with time. Therefore, as a people-friendly company, we engage in safety, health and environmental protection projects. We make our facilities more easily accessible to individuals with different needs and disabilities. We also involve customers in our CSR initiatives, encouraging their responsibility.

The main objectives pursued within the Customers area are to ensure health and safety, respond to customer expectations, improve accessibility and inspire responsibility.

For more information, see  ‘Responsibility towards customers’.

Trading Partners

A positive image of PKN ORLEN is created through genuine actions and conduct. Our responsibility towards trading partners is unchanging but flexible – we respond to new economic trends, business environment, technologies and communication tools. We know that by consolidating our position as a CSR leader, we attract valuable trading partners and instil in them our sense of responsibility.

The main objectives pursued in the Trading Partners area are to inspire responsibility, engage in and foster successful business partnerships, and promote responsible attitudes.

For more information, see ‘Responsibility towards suppliers’.

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