Realisation of investment plans


The ORLEN Group manages the structure of its capital expenditure in response to market situation, and focuses on the most effective investment projects.

Increase in non-current assets [PLN million]

Capital expenditures by operating markets [%]

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Major investments projects carried out in 2019 included:


  • Construction of Polyethylene Unit in the Czech Republic
  • Costruction of Metathesis Unit in Płock
  • Construction of PPF Splitter in Lithuania
  • Projects under the Cavern Strategy in Poland
  • Expansion of fertilizer production capacity at Anwil
  • Purchase of a licence and front-end-engineering design for the second generation Bioethanol unit in ORLEN Południe
  • Construction of the Glycol unit at ORLEN Południe
  • Construction of the Research and Development Centre at Płock
  • Construction of a boiler house for the Steam Cracker in the Czech Republic
  • Construction of a unit for separation of paraffins from reforming feedstock MaxEne at PKN ORLEN


  • 64 new fuel stations opened (43 in Poland, 6 in Germany, 7 in the Czech Republic and 8 in Slovakia),
  • 132 fuel stations upgraded and rebranded (127 in Poland and 5 in the Czech Republic),
  • 297 new Stop Cafe/Star Connect (including O!SHOP outlets)


  • Canada – PLN 476 million / Poland – PLN 158 million

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